The mattress is a huge size product that uses for sleeping. It is consist of different material like foam, spring and gel mattress. Different types of foams are used to manufacture a mattress like latex foam, polyester foam,  cellulose extracted from plants, and sponge foam. All of these are natural materials. Polyester is the softest form of foam used in the manufacturing of mattresses, pillows, and blankets. If someone wants a soft mattress, they should buy a mattress manufactured from polyester material. The question arises that why we need to buy the best queen size bed the answer is that now queen mattresses are in trend companies offer these mattresses in various ranges and different materials.

Components of Bed

The bed is a thing humans are using to sleep for a long time. It consists of many items depending on the type of mattress, if it is an innerspring mattress, latex mattress, or gel mattress. Suppose we talk about a latex mattress. It contains one or more layers of foam covered by fabric that is firm enough to protect the foam on its inner side. In the case of the innerspring mattress, it has many layers. The two layers of foam contain the spring. The springs in the innerspring mattress may be coiled to one another, or they are pilled up in the form of springs. All of this stuff spring layers of foams are packed in a fabric.

The Fabric used for the Packing of the Mattress

Fabric is the other most important constituent of the mattress after foam. The purpose of packing the foam into fabric protects it from dust and dirt outside. Different types of fabrics are used in packing and give a different feel to your mattress. Cotton sheets, linen sheets, and microfiber sheets are used in the packing of mattresses. Microfiber sheets are best if we want our mattress completely clean because it can not pass through. The drawback of microfiber sheets is that when air does not flow from them, it makes them less breathable for their users. Cotton and linen fabric sheets full fill the area of breathing ability, but it makes the mattress dirtier.

Benefits of Breathable Mattresses

Breathable is the highly required quality of a mattress. For front sleepers, it is more necessary than back sleepers and side sleepers. Front sleepers depend on the air that passes through the mattress and allows for sleeping on its front. Front sleepers are also known as stomach sleepers. The front sleepers breathe through the mattress due to their body position during sleep. If you have newborns, they also need a breathable mattress because they can not even move properly. If during sleep they change their position, there should be enough airflow to respire.


The packing of the mattress is very important because it increases the lifetime of the mattress.  Front sleepers also require a more breathable mattress. While choosing a new mattress, keep a sleeping position in your mind. Front sleepers should use a soft enough mattress to not leave any bad effect on them.